Madonna talking about her Justify My Love music video, censored by MTV.

Madonna talking about her Justify My Love music video, censored by MTV.

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RIP Robin Williams - great actor and comedian, will be missed. i hope others who were/are in the same situation as him can get help and avoid dying alone, desperate and miserable :( suicide is not the answer. sending good thoughts, goodnight everyone

about curves

does anyone else think that the desire for big, maximized curves in women today might stem from the increasing infertility couples have?

or has it always been that way? or is it just ‘the media’ and beauty trends? or will it always be that way, no matter how infertile people would get? 

(keep in mind that I’m generalizing here, of course people have different likes and dislikes. here I’m talking about a trend for liking/getting very very very big lips, big ass, tiny waist, large breasts while infertility is on the rise) 

in short: very very weak fertility = people go after huge curves subconsciously??

please write your opinion

så er det ved midnat vi får vores adgangskvotienter at vide! held & lykke til alle! 🍀🎓

simon chill the fuck out


I have no energy left from that damn 8 hour shoot, do I look like I want to do another fucking photoshoot in another state
I’m saving my money to buy another fucking house thanks to maria and you don’t even give me the option to decline your shitty offer. Im not (as your daughter would say) DTF with that. Please get off my ass

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*uses five energies*


*uses five energies*

  • me: *is about to fall asleep*
  • me: no
  • me: i mustn't
  • me: i'm in the middle of a 3 hour photoshoot


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